Monday, July 6, 2015

Frustration Before Florida

Whether I’m training for a fight or not, I always go to work out at Buckhead Fight Club. Boxing has given me a sense of accomplishment after every workout. However when training for a fight the intensity picks up as well as the technical aspect (which it should). We work more footwork and spar a lot more. I normally enjoy this but Monday, a week away from the 2015 Women’s Golden Gloves tournament I’ll be fighting in I found myself extremely frustrated at myself.

We had just finished with one of Terri’s famous weight loss boot camps the weekend before. It’s 3 days, 5 training sessions and she provides all the meals. It’s guaranteed to help/make you lose weight. If you’re ever looking for a quick way to lose weight I highly recommend you try it. One girl at the past boot camp lost 11 pounds in 3 days. Even though I was unable to attend every work out session due to work I still lost a couple pounds. Her boot camp can be extremely fatiguing but seeing as how I didn’t do all the workouts for me it was just like working out once a day just more cardio than I’m used to.  That Saturday night after the last workout there was a sparring session for those who wanted to partake. I got to spar with Killer Kelsey Sanchez and also with Jackie, who is so tough she doesn’t even need a nickname. I’ve sparred many times with Kelsey which I really enjoy because she’s been boxing for a while and is always a tough opponent. This was my first time sparring with Jackie, (who has fought professionally), so I was a little bit nervous to get in the ring with her. I really enjoyed working with Jackie though and when we were done she gave me some advice, it’s really beneficial to hear what somebody you are working with in the ring has to say.

Monday was our last day of sparring before our tournament. I was paired up with “Boom Boom”. Brandi participated in Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 8 and is fighting at Golden Gloves as well. She is one of the tallest opponents that I’ve gotten in the ring with. The sparring went well enough but Terri kept stopping us trying to get me to work on a move to get on the inside. I started training for my first fight in November and Terri has been telling me the same thing since then when I was trying to get ready for that fight. By the time we were done sparring I was over it. I was extremely frustrated because I couldn’t seem to get the move down and kept doing it wrong. I often don’t lose my temper but I resorted to acting like I was 8 years old again. After we finished I threw my head gear off and punched a wall on my way to the locker room. Before changing I apologized to Terri for losing my temper and she offered up some advice which made me feel a little better. I still have a lot to learn but it’s disappointing to still be working on the same things especially when you’ve been training. I took a shower and was getting ready for work when “Boom Boom” tried to offer me some encouragement. At the time I was angry with myself and not in the mood to listen to anybody, especially any kind words.

I believe I got so frustrated because Terri seems to be giving clear directions and demonstrations. So why when I get in the ring do I seem to be repeating the same wrong behaviors over and over? Chances are I will this bad habit worked out before my upcoming fight this week but I will continue to work on it. For my fight however I’m going to try not to get irritated. I’m going to relax and remember to breathe. I’m going to try and pay attention to my behavior. I’m going to try and be present during my fight and do the best I can. I will listen to my coach. I will not take any criticisms personally. I’m only human and I know what happened in the ring wasn’t as big of an issue as I made out of it. I was caught up in the heat of the moment and lost my temper. I’m looking forward to competing in Florida. This will be my first tournament and I’m looking forward to seeing the boxing talent out there.
Terri and Me at the Photo Shoot for Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 9
(I'm listening intently) 

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