Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Disaster" Is Gearing Up To Strike Again!

My trainer Terri "The Boss" Moss is getting inducted into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. She had a remarkable career fighting for five world titles in three weight divisions. On May 10, 2007 she won the WIBF Strawweight World Title, and the WIBA mini flyweight Intercontinental Title in Tulsa, Oklahoma, against Stephanie Dobbs. T. Moss was 41 years old at the time, and Dobbs was only 28, two years older than her own daughter. A documentary is coming out "Boxing Chicks" which chronicles Terri and the female fighters, both pros and amateurs, whom she now trains. She busts our butts in her gym, Buckhead Fight Club, and promotes a high-end white collar boxing show she founded called Atlanta Corporate Fight Night. She has done so much for the sport of boxing and getting women involved.  On July 11, she'll be inducted with Laila Ali and Anne Wolfe to just name a couple. Terri is more than a trainer, she's part of our family. When we found out she was getting inducted into the Hall of Fame of course we were going to go.

I can't believe it's been almost four months since I did Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 9. It was my first official fight since I started boxing in January of 2014. Although I lost my fight I feel I learned a lot and I'm very proud that even though I didn't win I didn't get killed in the ring either. In addition I met all my other goals that I had set regarding my fight including weighing in at 133 lbs, the lowest weight I've ever been in my adult life and raising a little over $5,500 in sponsorship goals which some went to Children's Health Care of Atlanta and the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. I've still been going to the gym since my fight, unfortunately I've had a few too many nachos since then and have gained a little weight back. So what better motivation to get back in fighting shape then to fight again. No worries friends and family I won't be hitting y'all up for any money or donations unless you're just in the giving spirit then I could always use extra. Encouraged by Terri, I along with my training partners and gym rats will be going to Ft Lauderdale, Florida  to compete in the 2015 Women's National Golden Gloves.

If you wondering what the Golden Gloves is it's a tournament that promotes amateur boxing in the United States and has produced the majority of competitors for America’s boxing teams in the Pan-Am and Olympic Games. Since the first Golden Gloves tournament in 1923, the Golden Gloves of America, Inc. and its member franchises have provided an opportunity and environment for young athletes to develop lifetime skills. Hundreds of dedicated administrators, coaches, trainers and counselors have unselfishly spent countless times and effort to assist young people in the development of personal character and athletic skills. The tournament ends with an awards ceremony and the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame which Terri will be inducted at.

I've officially been training for less than a week and the tournament will be held July 6-11 so I'm nervous I won't be in as good of shape as I was for ACFN9.  I paid my registration fee today, purchased the required clothing, and booked my hotel room last week. I feel that this is a once in a lifetime experience and can't wait to prepare for it. One thing I loved in getting ready for Fight Night 9 was training with Holly "Kale Krunch" Levine and Morgan "Huckleberry" Salas. This time around I'll have whole new sparring partners to train with. My girlfriend, Mean Jean, and Makeba "The Machine" Reed Johnson are both coming off pretty intense knee injuries to fight in Florida. (Side note - Mean Jean and Makeba fought in ACFN7. I think it's awesome Makeba has recently started coming to our gym and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better). Because of Mean Jean's surgery in December I didn't see her much in my preparation for ACFN9, so I'm excited to train with her for this tournament.  "Boom Boom" Brandi Ansley is also competing and has something to prove to herself. I'll also be sparring with Killer Kelsey Sanchez, she is by far my favorite person to get in the ring with, I feel that she pushes me when I step in the ring with her. Hopefully Alicia Turner will be able to come some mornings as well. I've rarely gotten to work with her but would love the opportunity. It's great to get to work other people and we are extremely lucky to have so many strong women fighters at our gym! Wish us luck as we get ready for Golden Gloves!

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